global travel shot: sani pass, from south africa to lesotho

Aah, that adrenalin rush! That sense of adventure in exploring unchartered, gruelling terrains and then coming back to tell the tale. For many travelling to South Africa, and to me, it simply means the Sani Pass.

Once a rough mule trail, Sani Pass is now a notoriously dangerous mountain road to Lesotho via the Drakensberg Mountains. Lying between the border controls of South Africa and Lesotho, the 8 kilometre gravel road through no man’s land starts at 1,968 metres above sea level and ends near the summit at 2,873 metres.

The journey is marked with steep ascents, hairpin bends appropriately named ‘suicide bend’ and ‘big wind corner’, loose gravel, and stunningly beautiful views. Some walk this road. For the adventurous, the thrill is in the 4X4 drive. 🙂


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