the taj mahals in agra’s roman catholic cemetery


Whilst Shah Jahan was building the Taj Mahal as an ode to his beloved wife, the European Christians in Agra were creating their own fairy-tale like mausoleums in a cemetery dating back to Akbar’s time. Not perhaps on the same scale, they are, however, no less delightful in carved red sandstone, yellow basalt and whitewashed plastered walls. These tombs in Agra’s Roman Catholic Cemetery are the resting places of initially the Armenian Christians in the 1550s and, thereafter, of other European Catholics in the city. Continue reading

sunrise at agra fort


Sunrise at Agra Fort. Why sunrise ? Why not noon, sunset, twilight… Simple. Because at sunrise, when the warm golden light dapples over the 500 year old walled Mughal palatial city and its deserted sprawling expanses, something close to magic happens. Plus I am in Agra on work, and have the early morning free. 🙂 Continue reading