south bank: my favourite walk in london

My favourite walk in London. 🙂 It is also a long walk—from St. Katharine Docks to Westminster, by the South Bank, meandering over London’s many bridges and through the cathedrals, theatres and pubs that line the edge of the River Thames. The nicest part is that as you walk, the sun starts to set and the lights come on and it is like walking through one huge painting.

St. Katharine Docks were once the Port of London’s most central docks
Tower Bridge, the prettiest bridge in the world with its fairytale towers. Completed in 1894, its mechanism for raising the roadway was a breakthrough in its time
Southwark Cathedral, and the Shakespeare window inside
Southwark Bridge dates back to 1921. That’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background
Here lived Sir Christopher Wren during the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral
A different kind of classical music concert; Busking underneath Blackfriars Bridge
The Hungerford Railway Bridge, flanked by two pedestrian bridges, leads to Charing Cross
Celebrating the new millennium: The Millennium Bridge joining Tate Modern with St. Paul’s, and London Eye
Every photographer’s favourite picture-taking spot: Westminster Bridge


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