Contemporary Indian Art

I did my ‘O’ levels, ‘A’ levels and bachelors in fine art. Art has, thus, stayed a part of me since. 🙂

Modern and contemporary Indian artists and exhibitions covered in my blog’s Art and Me series are:

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Indian Art

      • Sir this is Tour Guide shivakumar from srirangapatna I saw your dariya daulat paintings with information but i have doubts about..
        In the woman musicians group painting
        You mentioned
        A dancer sways in gay abandonment, accompanied by a string of women musicians. Did you notice the violinist?
        Why you used gay word I’m not understand why…please reply me in my email if possible please share your mobile number


        • Hello Shivakumar. Thank you for writing in. With regard to your question: The word ‘gay’ though synonymous with homosexuality nowadays also has another meaning when used as an adjective [as it has been in the mentioned caption]. The other meaning is ‘lighthearted and carefree’. Which is what I meant. But to avoid any confusion, as it seems to have done, I have replaced the word with ‘joyful’. 🙂



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