Exploring Bombay

I moved to Bombay aka Mumbai in February, 2014, and currently live here. Bombay was never part of my schema. My trips to India had always been centred around Delhi. Yet, one fine day, I found myself, with one red suitcase, coming to this city to carve out a new professional chapter in my life. And the city welcomed me. 🙂

Bombay is a great place to live and work in. It gives you a lot of space, but does not make you feel alone. When I made the shift, I was told that being an art and travel buff, I would culturally starve here. Wrong. I explore my new home with much affection. And its charms, equally, always enthral me.


South Bombay


9 thoughts on “Exploring Bombay

    • Happy you liked the st+art post. I, unfortunately, cannot really call myself a Bandra girl ! I have just been a year here, but yes, it’s welcomed me with open arms. Would be lovely to meet up with you some day. For all you know we might have passed each other on bandstand or hill road already. 🙂

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  2. Not many of us venture into our own city. While we all look forward to explore other cities and countries…being a tourist in our own city is quite enriching. I’m doing so in Jaipur! 🙂

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    • Yes, it is unfortunate that we inevitably take our own backyards for granted! I guess it is part of the ghar ki murgi, dal baraabar syndrome! 🙂 After working in Delhi and not exploring it, when I moved to Bombay I was determined not to make the same mistake. Read your blog. Nice to know you exploring and documenting your own city too. It is indeed an enriching experience.

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        • Wonderful work, Rama. You may wonder how your blog guided me into mindfulness… but it did…:) 🙂 I was partly raised in Raut Bunglow, one of your featured heritage sites in South Bombay. Your excellent blog of the surrounding areas, Gamdevi, Khotachi Wadi, Bandra, and Fort ( where I went to school and later worked) helped me examine my personal history as well as the dynamics of the family in which I was were raised…Earlier on this year, your blog allowed me to look at the emerging pattern that served to explain how certain elements of my personality developed! The more focused our self-examination, the better equipped we are to address individual issues that have impacted our thoughts and choices throughout our lives. As I reflected upon my personal history brought to life by your blog, I am growing in my understanding of the manner in which my existence has unfolded.

          I particularly enjoyed the story about SISI the Empress of Austria….you have a wonderful way with words, and bring to life unseen elements of a place, building and country.

          I am so happy I found this site. God Bless you!

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          • I am truly touched by your words. To know that what I have written has helped enhance your own journey is a privilege, in more ways than one. Thank you for giving me and my blog the opportunity to be part of your mindfulness. We are both, humbled and grateful.



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