photo essay: the ‘un’hidden graffiti of bandra

i want to infest
the city with
free all the horses.
lay down
on the floor and
lick it.
cigarettes keep
so disturbing.
flames are
for candles only
he told me
let the grime exist
in my mind

A poem that recurs amongst the graffiti on Chapel Road…

Whilst my earlier post was on the hidden graffiti of Bandra, this post is my take on the much photographed, media savvy, well-known street art of Bandstand and the Chapel and Waroda Roads in Ranwar village, undertaken by the Bollywood Art Project and the Mumbai Wall Project. Artists from all over the world have contributed to the latter, artists both unknown, as well as, famous. One of the original 24 hamlets of Bandra, dating back to the 1500s,ย Ranwar is a world in itself. The graffiti is the cherry on the cake. And very often, the cake itself. ๐Ÿ™‚

From Mehboob Studio to Bandstand

Celebrating 100 years of Bollywood – Deewar, 1975, The Man himself

Left: Bollywood’s first superstar – Rajesh Khanna; Right: A junction box

Chapel Road

WAIT!!!! and all the friends were gathered for the pose

Madhubala, Anarkali, by Ranjit Dahiya, Bollywood Art Project. You are still so beautiful

Hello from Mumbai, snarl versus slurp

A story on every wall…

Seek the sun. Open the eye. Find the light

I am actually just a painted pipe

The celebrity graffiti, photographed countless times, and still such aย delight !

9 thoughts on “photo essay: the ‘un’hidden graffiti of bandra

    • Hello Yashika, you could get in touch directly with the Bollywood Art Project and Mumbai Wall Project who undertook the paintings, and ask them for artist details. Please click on the links in the blog post for their contact details. Best,


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