the london underground—part 2


A couple of months ago I had done a photo essay on the Jubilee Line, London Underground. This time I chose the stations that have left a mark on me, even as I run through the platforms to catch the tube. Some are a riot of colour. In another, dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes lives on in every single wall tile! The tube is absolutely amazing, each station unique.

I finally came out into the open air at King’s Cross St. Pancras and walked over to the British Library (BL). You don’t have to be a nerd to love the BL. It turns you into a nerd! Just looking at the original Magna Carta and the Codex Sinaiticus, listening to David Copperfield and tapping my feet to “I wanna hold your hand” … Then there are the over 25 philatelic collections established in 1891 and the King’s Library made of 65,000 volumes of printed books collected by George III (1760-1820) encased in seven floors of a glass tower. The BL celebrates knowledge. And it is pretty wonderful to be part of that celebration. 🙂

The escalators at St. Johns Wood are covered with bronze and lined with uplighter lamps in the 1930s Art Deco style
Bond Street, Marble Arch and Tottenham Court Road—A riot of colour!
Botticelli’s Venus and Mars at Charing Cross. It is the exit for the National Gallery
Holborn, the exit for the British Museum is suitably sedate
Baker Street: My interchange, campus and favourite station; It is the oldest subway station in the world dating back to 1863, the same time the London Underground opened
In honour of Harry Potter: Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross St. Pancras station 🙂
The British Library, just outside King’s Cross St. Pancras station, is a celebration of knowledge


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