3 famous places and 1 personal favourite in london

A museum, a palace, a theatre, and a church. I would like to have come up with some exotic story linking the four—a walk, a theme, even a day! But the only claim I can honestly make is that I’ve been to all these four places time and time again and enjoyed them to the fullest. 🙂

The Natural History Museum. Ok. Stuffed animals don’t really get me all excited, but the dinosaurs and ambience of the old Victorian building and in its contrast the modernism of the Darwin Centre and Cocoon is a whopping WOW. The latter is awesome, turning anyone who walks through its corridors into a lover of the science of nature. And if you are ever in London whilst the Wildlife Photography Exhibition that the Museum hosts is on, please DON’T MISS IT. It is stunning. Next is Buckingham Palace, the home of the queen with its state rooms, royal mews, and queen’s gallery. Ever wanted to look at Tipu Sultan’s Bird of Paradise from his royal throne or the regal crown presented to the British royal family by the Tulaqdars? They are here. And then there’s Covent Garden, which was once upon a time a fruit and vegetable market. Grab a coffee, sit on the pavement and be entertained in London’s only area which is licensed for street entertainment.

And finally St. Paul’s, the actor’s church tucked behind the 17th Century square of Covent Garden, where famous British artists and actors lie interred, and a handful of Londoners light a candle, pray and have silent conversations with god. It is so beautiful in its sheer simplicity it warrants mention in this blog.

The futuristic Darwin Centre and its Cocoon inside the Victorian Natural History Museum. Those afternoons I actually wished I had become a scientist instead!
Buckingham Palace: The 775-roomed official residence (since 1837) and administrative headquarters of Britain’s monarch. If you are not one of the 50,000 guests who are invited every year to the royal functions held here, it is ok. The palace is open to the public in summer 🙂
Actor’s Church, Covent Garden: Getting ready for the show …
Actor’s Church, Covent Garden: The audience 1 …
Actor’s Church, Covent Garden: The audience 2 …
Inside Actor’s Church, Covent Garden: God’s audience


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