global travel shot: cape town’s african penguins

The company of nature never disappoints.

Boulders is a sheltered cove with unspoiled beaches, 540 million year old granite boulders, and a thriving colony of African Penguins in South Africa’s Cape Peninsula. Starting off with just two breeding pairs in 1983, the colony now numbers about 3,000. The birds are monogamous and listed as a vulnerable species; the lifelong partners take turns to incubate their eggs and feed their young. Humans, I guess, can learn a lesson or two from them on loyalty and gender equality. 🙂

It was fascinating watching the penguins at close quarters at Foxy Beach, wandering freely in a protected natural environment, ‘braying’ to each other in rapt conversations, the odd solitary bird flapping its wings in defiance as it stared at me in the eye. I had a field time – the black and white coloring of the birds, white sands, grey boulders and black weeds creating perfect monochromatic compositions.

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