to blog or not to blog?

When people tell me they want to become a blogger my first response is “how committed are you?” Blogging is not a one-night-stand. How one wishes it was! It is a commitment you make to blog a post, an intelligible post that adds value to your readers’ lives, week in and week out. There is no finish line. To worsen it, you are only as successful a blogger as your last post, where the last post is a recent post.

Think your tryst with blogging can stand the test of time? If yes, hey, congratulations. It is one of the most satisfying forms of self-expression replete with engagement and making the world a better place. It allows you to grow as a person and continuously learn and share. If not, steer clear. For it can also be gruelling and mechanical, requiring oodles of self-discipline. Make your choice. And then stick to it coz there is no fence to sit on here. ❤

What do you feel about blogging and commitment? Would love to hear them.

[Note: This post was published earlier in the week in my communication blog on tumblr]

124 thoughts on “to blog or not to blog?

  1. I am a new blogger. My blogs are not viewed or followed or liked but even then i enjoy blogging and love this freedom of self expression.your article is really awesome and gives me what I need the most at this time motivation to blog more

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    • Hey readherecom, just keep writing. When I started blogging, I too went through times of zero views, zero follows, and zero likes. I just stuck on and kept writing. Even now there are times I put my heart and soul into a post, and no one reads it. 😀 But one has to just keep writing, for the ultimate inspiration is writing as a means of self expression, rather than a need for validation and self-publicity.

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