blogging workshops with me: evolve your blogging skills

Four years ago I was forced to re-evaluate my life. My father was in hospital and I ended up spending a lot of time waiting—waiting for visiting hours, counselling meetings with the doctors, test results. Times like these force one to look within and ask questions.

A seemingly simple enough question asked of me by my sister, over a coffee in the hospital cafeteria, triggered it further: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I did not have an answer. And that scared me. Like shit. It made me realize how disconnected I had become with my own self.

On the surface I had a fancy job in a fancy office. I worked from 9 to 9. But I had become so engrossed in the minutiae of deadlines and meetings, wrapped in the trees I had stopped looking at the forest aka myself and my journey.

A series of soul-searching questions later, I left my job, moved to Bombay and set up The Communique. I just knew I had to live out my purpose.

Purpose is a funny thing, wouldn’t you agree? Once we find it, it is hard to let go of it. I was lucky I discovered it—yes, it was in the same hospital. My dad was discharged, declared weak but on the road to recovery. And I walked by his side, with clarity in each footstep.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while would have surmised I love blogging. It is a deep seated love which goes back 19 years. Building capacity in communication is the purpose which brought me to Bombay in 2014. A commitment to share my learnings in communication acquired over two decades of experience and study. Rather disparate, you will agree. Blogging and capacity building in communication. And for quite a while I accepted them as separate facets of myself where the twain were unlikely to meet.

Till three months ago.

I get most of my brain-waves when I least expect them. Whilst cooking, looking at a sun-burnished sky draped over the Arabian Sea outside my window, or in a rickety auto rickshaw ride.

That little voice inside me stated, almost matter-of-factly, one day: “Blogging Workshops. Across India. It is time to do them.” I promptly asked a friend, a fellow blogger, to join me in this initiative. It was too big a concept for me to drive alone. She told me it was a bad idea and “No, thank you.”

I could have dismissed that inner voice on hearing this. Instead I dug into Indiblogger’s site [one of India’s largest blogging communities and of which I am a member] and sent a mail on their automated response system asking them if they’d like to partner with me. There was no reply for a good few weeks. And then Boom. A reply, a call, and a meeting later, all in the span of a couple of weeks, we had a partnership and a plan in place!

So, here I am and I would like to welcome you to my premium blogger certification workshops in association with Indiblogger, held through their learning arm WeBlogAcademy, and invite you to evolve your blogging skills.

The very first workshop will be held in New Delhi on 29-30 July. This will be followed with workshops in the other metro cities—Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata … If you find yourself to be an advanced beginner, let me hand-hold you through how to create a blog with a clearly defined identity, user-friendly content, an impressive “About” page, strategic categories, enhanced SEO, and navigation widgets.

If you are an intermediate blogger, I will help you discover techniques to make your posts tell a great story, have striking images, catchy headlines which draw readers in, increase your readership, and comply with copyright laws.

And lastly, if you are a proficient blogger and would like the cash registers to start ringing, I will share with you skills to monetize your blog through reviews, affiliate programs, FAM trips, adverts, and your own range of goodies—making the blog a steady source of income. I have a PR background and will share the inside story with you.

Perchance you cannot decide which level is right for you, you could try a short quiz I have developed for the workshop. The link for the quiz is here.

Three sessions. Three hours each. 24 exercises. And individual attention. 🙂

To know more, visit:

For any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section. If blogging is not your passion, but somebody else’s whom you know, perhaps you could share this link with them. It would mean much to them and me. Oh, and yes, I am also always learning. So if you think I should add something more in the workshop syllabus do let me know. ❤

39 thoughts on “blogging workshops with me: evolve your blogging skills

  1. Hi Rama,
    I want to do this workshop but right now I am in Bangalore. How can I know whatever you are going to tell in this workshop? I love blogging but I have no idea about do’s and don’t’ of blogging.


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  3. Hi Rama ,
    The word ‘blog ‘ is inspiring me since I read the book ‘girl online’ and I am fascinated to do blogs .This is my first experience in blogging .Kindly help me with the same .

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    • The first batch went well. Better than I expected. 🙂 All credit goes to the participants. They were fantastic–committed and open to learning–and all the way from Jaipur, Goa, Ludhiana, New York City, and of course Delhi, the venue city!



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