global travel shot: travel essentials, road trip to kutch


I am off on my first road trip in India to explore the Kutch district of Gujarat. The first of many more road trips I hope. 🙂 Travel essentials—my canon camera so I can bring back with me some of Kutch’s beauty, my blackberry (yeah, I am not an iPhone/smartphone person 😀 ) so I can SOS if need be, and my notebook to scribble along, jot down conversations, make notes and smileys.

Travelling by sleeper train from Mumbai to Bhuj, I will be driving to the great white desert, visiting the centuries old city of Lakhpat, temples, monasteries, Dholavira, the remains of the Harappan Civilisation, and last but not least the mahals and markets of Bhuj and Mandvi.

What are your travel essentials?

7 thoughts on “global travel shot: travel essentials, road trip to kutch

  1. Road trip! Just the mention of it excites me! Wish u an amazing and safe travel. Btw, are you planning to hitchhiking or on your own vehicle?



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